Beanie Without E


🟑The Beanie Without E is a ribbed knit with a wide turned-back edge with a logo patch from the .COD collection. Offset seams. Unique size.

Size Guide
Height folded back 12.5 cm
The total height is 24 cm
Unique size


Designed in Paris by Joel & Yinuo and made with πŸ’›
Rib knit
Wide turn-up brim
Embroidered WE patch on the front
Off-center seams
30% wool 70% acrylic

#bonnet #beanie #unisex


About NJ.COD

Founded in 2016 by the β€œNJ” couple: Joel and Yinuo, NJ.COD offers a unisex wardrobe for men and women.

The brand is inspired by the couple, love and design, offering unisex and innovative looks. It is created around an urban universe with a shared wardrobe. The garment translates the love and sharing between two people.

NJ.COD offers unique pieces with a "contemporary and graphic" style.
"Transmitting love, complicity and cheerfulness through clothing"