Shipping methods

Information for customers outside of EU (European Union):
Please note that in some cases you might be subjected to customs, import taxes or brokerage fee when ordering from us at NJ & Friends. Please check with your local customs office for your local rules and regulations. We don´t deduct VAT for international orders.


Methods of payment

Pay in 4x without fees with PayPal

We accept VISA, Master Card, Euro Card, PayPal and other type of payment.

You can safely and comfortably pay with credit card at NJ & Friends.
We use STRIPE, as one of Europe´s leading Payment Service Providers. STRIPE handles your credit card details direct and safe. No credit card details will be registered at NJ & Friends. We do not charge you any fee when you choose this option. If you have more questions about the payment please contact your card provider.



Select to pay with PayPal and you will be redirected to PayPal to complete your payment. Simple, safe and secure.
If you have more questions regarding your payment please contact PayPal:


Force Majour

We are not responsible for delays or changes in the shipments caused by circumstances that we cannot control such as amended government regulations or changes decided by our subcontractors.


Price errors

We reserve our right to cancel or adjust any order with price errors.

Checkout codes, campaigns and offers
We do not have the possibility to activate any checkout codes after an order is completed. The checkout code must be activated in the checkout stage, before the purchase is completed in order to be valid.

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