UMA OATH - Grey Pants "90's Tomo"


Urban & Structural

Inspired by the 90's, the TOMO snap pants revisit old classics by reinterpreting the urban vision. Designed in high waist with pleats and cut-out at the waistband, TOMO brings structure and femininity. The sophisticated detail of the black braid on the side, and the snaps.

For a better rendering, take the waist up for an oversize effect.

Quick unzipping, easy washing.
50% Polyester/ 43% Polyamid / 7% Elastane

Design France / Manufacturing Europe

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About Uma Oath

Uma oath was born from a passion for dance, sewing and a need to find meaning in a fashion market where the plethora of offers and fast fashion have lost all notion of quality: materials, work, and at a fair price.

Uma oath is part of an accessible, minimalist design that diverts from reserved materials until then in high-end sportswear, to adopt the codes of urban ready-to-wear.
Work on technical subjects that are difficult to tame, a return to the very essence of the profession.

Resistance, comfort, the garment becomes the tool of movement, while keeping a structured line. A design made in France for valuable costumes.
Slowfashion, simplicity becomes land of welcome. A timeless universe, an unshakeable identity. An art of being.

Partner of the humanitarian association Dance United, Uma oath donates part of its profits to support the opening of dance classes for young people in difficulty.