DONNANT DONNANT - Vegan Zebra Silver Mirror Shoes


The latest version of our iconic zebra heel is cut from premium vegan leather with a sleek almond-shaped toe. Design features a custom-made gummy texture heel embossed with the donnant donnant logo. The black shiny outsole is square at the front and back for a clean and edgy look.
. Premium vegan leather
. Custom-made gum heel
. Polished black outsole
. Heel height: 7.5cm
. Made in portugal
All of our designs are handmade from 100% vegan and eco-friendly materials

#shoes #vegan

About Donnant Donnant

Donnant Donnant is a London-based designer label founded by Marion Disaro and Alessandra Servi; their core belief is that high fashion can be both iconic and ethical.

Donnant Donnant aesthetic is clean and modern, blending sleek minimalism with urban details and functionality, creating a balance of cutting edge design and sustainability.

Every piece is handcrafted in Portugal, using high quality animal-free future leather and high tech. fabrics meticulously sourced in Italy and Spain.