DONNANT DONNANT - N₂O bum bag black vegan leather


“Laughing bags” capsule collection – upcycled project inspired by the streets of london
The canisters used for the strap were picked up one by one in the streets of east london.
Each small nitrous oxide bottle was then meticulously cleaned, polished and engraved.
Very limited quantities

Bum bag crafted in sustainable premium vegan leather
Strap made of upcycled empty nitrous oxide canisters
Donnant donnant embossed silicone tag and zipper pullers
2 main compartments
Internal pocket
Dimensions: w 6cm x l 28cm x h 18cm

All of our designs are handmade in portugal from 100% vegan and eco-friendly materials

#sac #bags

About Donnant Donnant

Donnant Donnant is a London-based designer label founded by Marion Disaro and Alessandra Servi; their core belief is that high fashion can be both iconic and ethical.

Donnant Donnant aesthetic is clean and modern, blending sleek minimalism with urban details and functionality, creating a balance of cutting edge design and sustainability.

Every piece is handcrafted in Portugal, using high quality animal-free future leather and high tech. fabrics meticulously sourced in Italy and Spain.